Here are just a few of the many thousands of astronomy photographs I have taken over the years.
Just a tiny selection showing what can be achieved with dedication and the right conditions.
They have been taken with various cameras, lenses and telescopes over many years.
I started learning about astro imaging in 2006 and by 2008 was voted runner up astro photographer
of the year. It's all down to dedication and the love of the subject. So to all those budding astro imagers,
get out there and make a start.

I do hope you will be inspired by these images and they motivate you to be more interested
in the marvels of our Universe.

Please remember these images are my copyright. Thank You

If you want to see all the other types of photography I do then
click on the link below for my Flicker site

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I used various equipment when taking these images, above are some pictures showing some of the gear. There is no one telescope that covers all aspects of astro imaging. You need a lot of magnification or power to capture images of the Planets, but very low wide angle for the Milkyway.